Nora York
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Listen! 1 Vissi darte truth and beauty
Listen! 2 jump title song!
Listen! 3 Rome is burning
Listen! 4 Waiting
Listen! 5 Love Only Me_1
Jump, began as Nora York’s musical response to Vissi D’arte, the seminal lament of Puccini’s great diva Tosca. Weaving her own song through the Puccini aria York presented this contemporary musical collage to JoAnne Akalaitis, to see if they could make the work theatrical.  They discovered that the 19th century French actress Sarah Bernhardt performed the role of La Tosca for 25 over years, and it was Bernhardt’s Tosca, that inspired Puccini to secure the rights for his libretto.  JoAnne invited David Greenspan to join the team as playwright. The Public theater commissioned the new work for Under the Radar Festival in 2011
Jump is a kaleidoscopic collage of performance styles that embraces the original Sardou play, the Puccini opera ( along with two opera singers) and the original music of Nora York.  Jump is a passionate journey about inspiration and why we make art.

Nora York:  voice ( mezzo)  Kevin Burdette: voice (bass)

John McVeigh: voice  (tenor on Vissi)  Andrew Drost: Time Ran Out,

Jamie Lawrence:piano, harmonium and melodica

Andrew Schwartz:bassoon  Dorothy Lawson:cello

Steve Tarshis:resonator guitar    Dave Hofstra:bass

 Libretto V. Sardou, L. Illica, G. Giacosa and Nora York

Produced and mixed by Jamie Lawrence

Recorded: Manhattan Beach Studios,

New York City  2006-11

Concept and songwriting -- Nora York

 Jump -- developed the Assistance of NYSCA & The Public Theater








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