Nora York
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ArtistShare 2005
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Listen! 1 Alchemy
2 One For My Baby
3 And The Angels Hover Above Us
4 Misty Roses
5 Learning To Swim
6 Detour Ahead
7 Song Of Love
8 The Blasphemy
9 Honeysuckle Rose
10 It's Only Love
Listen! 11 She Moved Through The Fair
Listen! 12 The Grail
Rob Schwimmer - Piano
Ron McClure - Bass
Tim Horner - Drums
Rich Perry - Saxophone

Joe Locke - Vibes
Tony Kadleck - Trumpet
Jack Wilkens - Guitar
Romero Lumbambo - Guitar
Cyro Baptista - Percussion
Mark Feldman - Violin
Howard Johnson - Tuba

Produced by David Baker
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