Nora York
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To Dream the World
© 1995 Evidence Records
Listen! 1 Drifting On A Dream
Listen! 2 Vishnu's Dream
3 Out Of This World
4 Beirut
5 Pilgrim/ When Did You Leave Heaven?
Listen! 6 If I Fell
7 War Anthem/ Is It The End Of the World?
8 Denial
Listen! 9 You Go To My Head/ Manic Depression
10 Somebody Else
11 Nobody Else But Me
12 Love For Sale
13 Pursuit Of Happiness
14 You Must Believe In Spring
Nora York - Vocals
Rob Swchimmer - Hammond B3, Piano, Keyboard (Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 & 13)
Richie Beirach - Piano (Tracks 2, 6, 10, 11, 12 & 14)
Michael Formanek - Bass
Terry Clark - Drums
Rich Perry - Sax
Mark Feldman - Violin
Jack Wilkins - Guitar (Track 4 only)
Douglas Lichterman - Dumbek (Track 3 Only)
Arrangements and Concept - Nora York
Helen Merrill Liner notes

The first time I had the privlidge to see Nora York perform, I came with an open mind. Some friends brought me to a 'downtown' avant-garde club in New York City. I really didn't know what to expect, and I must confess my interest was piqued.

What happened was a total delight. Nora York stepped on stage... statuesque, gorgeous, and in total control. Her own compositions, filled with wit and passion, were framed by standards done in a new and vibrant way. She teased and captivated the audience with her humorous, sometimes apocalyptic commentaries. I was knocked out.

Nora brings to her premeire solo album all the elements of her finely-honed act, as well as a smooth mellifluos vocal style truely her own. Enjoy the album as I have enjoed her live performance.

I am sure that Nora York will continue to surprise and enchant us all in the future.

Helen Merrill
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