Nora York
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"Art is not something you look at
Art is a place you look from"

Nora York is a singer, composer, performance artist, and educator.  From her genre busting What I Want to her collaboration with jazz composer Maria Schneider on Alchemy (available here on ArtistShare) Nora York sings her own mind. Listen to her most recent piece Water Water Everywhere, a meditation on our natural work through Baroque composer G.F. Handel commissioned by the The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and you will hear that York is a singular artist. Whether she is taking her inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and Mile Davis, or Puccini (Jump), she cannot be confined to one musical world. 
Her performances have been commissioned by the Public Theater in NYC, Brooklyn Academy of Music, BRIC Arts Media, ,and she has been awarded two New York State Council for the Arts Composer's awards.

York is a member of the full time faculty at the , New York University, where she teaches performance and musicianship.

Nora York is a true original voice contemporary American music. Listen here, or try to catch one of her live performances that have audiences on their feet!

painting and quote: The Blimp  Jerry Kearns
Watch Nora York and her Amazing Band sing:  Diva’s Song July 2015
Nora York with her frequent collaborator co-composer pianist Jamie Lawrence along with the Amazing Band -- and great guests
The archived Joe's Pub show "Fables and Yarns" July 10, 2014.
Riffing off of the post pop history painter, Jerry Kearns’ images, York jump cuts through American culture, as she fact checks rapid fire shifts in the narrative.  The vision of these two iconic artists join to “keep an eye on things."
with The Amazing Band; Jamie Lawrence, piano; Dave Hofstra, bass; Steve Tarshis, guitar; Peter Grant, drums and Sherryl Marshall, voice.
Diva's Song Jerry Kearns and Nora York at Mike Weiss Gallery summer 2015
Mike Weiss Gallery presented Diva’s Song, the second show by Jerry Kearns and the first in collaboration with singer/performer Nora York at the gallery. The exhibition featured eight acrylic wall paintings of larger than life size characters as high as eight feet that form a coherent yet ambiguous narrative. Merging Kearns' own “psychological pop” aesthetic with York’s rendition of “Vissi d’arte” from Puccini’s Tosca, Kearns and York re-imagined the aria, isolating it from the opera, and widening its narrative scope to encompass all the intrigue, drama, and emotional weight of a full length story.   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOW
In partnership with Marfa Dialogues/NY, Creative Time Reports presents video from a performance by the musician and artist Nora York and an accompanying conversation between York and the publisher and environmental advocate Hamilton Fish.
Read Larry Blumenfeld's interview with Nora York her new work Water Water Everywhere ...
JUMP, produced by The Public Theater in NYC for the Under The Radar festival 2011, was York's musical response to Puccini's Tosca. Collaborating with director JoAnne Akalaitis, co-composer Jamie Lawrence, and David Greenspan's re-imagining of Sardou's play La Tosca and the autobiographical writings of  fin de siecle celebrity Sarah Bernhardt. "Jump is a meditation on art and love, and the way that both require a leaps which like Tosca's from the tower, are both terrifying and exhilarating." Oskar Eustis Artistic Director of Public Theater.
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Listen/Watch the title sequence for the award winning German TV show (written and directed by Doris Dorrie) York wrote with Jamie Lawrence for a new KLIMAWECHSEL

Nora York returns to radio ... Check out Clock tower radio station!!

Listen Power/Play - NPR / WNYC
Click to listen to NPR / WNYC radio show Spinning on Air hosted by David Garland --podcast POWER/PLAY
New work with artist Jerry Kearns -- click here to see/hear this song about Amelia Earhart-- exploring a way to relate visual art and music -- slowly...

Love Crazy / Clocktower Radio - Nora interviews Jerry Kearns

York's podcast Love Crazy features a conversation with her favorite painter Jerry Kearns, who also happens to be her true love CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO RADIO SHOW.  Kearns discusses his summer 2014 exhibition RRRGGHHH!!! a painting installation at the Mike Weiss Gallery

You can download POWER/PLAY -- free. click here. 
Be sure to scroll all the way down -- seek and ye shall find!

Check out this work with artist Nancy Spero -- filmaker Marion Cajori -- from FoxFire -- Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man -- york style!!
Here is a music video -- static  -- just the way I like 'em! with the artwork of Kiki Smith--

On the faculty of , Nora gives workshops and lessons when her schedule allows --
To find out more about studying with her -- click here

Learn to SING! Workshops available
Do you want to perform and sing on stage. She is teaching at NYU...
Nora York taught in 2011.
LISTEN to some of the commercial recordings of Nora York here.
What I Want
Click here to purchase WHAT I WANT* Cd or download. (*limited addition)
(also you can purchase a download only version of a rare recording of the CD ALCHEMY co-written with ArtistShare composer Maria Schneider.)
click here to download lyrics and chord chart for WHAT I WANT -- in the mean time watch this animation by Candy Kugel of the song!!!

POWER/PLAY WNYC radio 10/16/07
WNYC's John Schaefer speaks with Nora about POWER/PLAY ...
"Improvising Chanteuse Nora York offers a timely revival of POWER/PLAY, a haunting progression of songs leading from post World war TWO optimism to the turmoil of Viet Nam, and onward to our current malaise.
-Time Out New York-

Post Modern Chanteuse unveils POWER/PLAY which cleverly re-arranges and interweaves anti-war pieces by the likes of Bob Dylan.
-The Daily News-
Furtiva Lagrima ( secret tear)

Power/Play: All Work and No Play

What I Want

I Dreamed I Saw: The music of Jimi Hendrix and Stephen Foster

listen to the radio for samples
Artist JERRY KEARNS ( and husband)
My husband Jerry Kearns is a wonderful painter Click this link to see images... also our collaborative music/video is on youtube! You are on your own to find that.
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